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Friday 9 February 2007

‘Snow chaos’ doesn’t hit Manchester. Hundreds of thousands severely not affected by lack of weather disruption

Looking out of my high-rise window across the whole of south Manchester, the only snow I can see is about 15 miles away on the hills of the Peak District and some more further east on the hills near Stalybridge…

Here in Manchester city centre we had a couple of flakes yesterday afternoon for about one minute and then it stopped. There was nothing on the ground.

But, today, The Times writes:

‘John Hammond, a Met Office meteorologist, told The Times: “It’s the heaviest snowfall since February 1996. Only the far North escaped.”’

Manchester is the ‘far North’? Or the Met Office doesn’t know that the whole of the city and surrounding areas had almost no snow?

‘In Manchester, police reported a spate of car thefts as people left engines running while they shovelled snow.’

All the roads I can see, some stretching for miles, are completely snow free!

But in ‘Region escapes winter disruption‘ the BBC does report that ‘the predicted heavy falls and traffic delays failed to materialise’.

And The Independent describes the typical fall across the country as ‘the amount you can sweep off the top of your car with your gloved hand’.

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