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Monday 12 March 2007

Fallen trees removed — finally

Fallen trees are removed after more than seven weeks

On 18 January, six trees blew over in the park near where I live. Some of them blocked one of the main paths into the park.

Today, the City Council moved them. It has only taken them seven-and-a-half weeks to get around to doing it.

And to think that some people have the cheek to say that Manchester City Council fails to carry out its core duties adequately and seems more interested in property developers and super casinos

If this situation had been visible from a main road and could be seen by commuters, or if it had happened in a park near the University that was used by students, you can bet the trees would have been cleared within days. But this is the third-rate service you get if you live in a poorer part of town.

I estimate about fifteen mature trees have gone from the park in the past nine years, one way or another, and no new trees have been planted in that time.

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