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Monday 11 February 2008

Biggest ever North Sea security operation after woman dreamed about bomb on oil rig

A woman employee on a North Sea oil rig had a disturbing dream that there was a bomb on the rig.

After she told a fellow employee about her dream, the entire area was evacuated in one of the biggest security operations ever seen in the North Sea.

Five helicopters from RAF Kinloss and a Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft from RAF Waddington were scrambled to the scene and 161 of the 539 workers were airlifted from the rig.

The Guardian reports:

‘Jake Molloy, general secretary of the Offshore Industry Liaison Committee, one of the biggest unions representing offshore workers, said: “It was complete madness. This girl had a dream about a bomb being on board and she was a bit shaken. The next thing anyone knew workers were being evacuated.”‘

The woman is now being questioned by police. Meanwhile Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Nicol Stephen paid tribute to the professionalism of those involved.

Yes very ‘professional’ doing this in response to a dream.

Assuming this almost unbelievable story is true, does anyone need further proof that ‘fear of terrorism’ is completely out of control in Britain and that some very frightening and stupid people are running things?

Curiously the BBC reports the evacuation and woman being in court but makes no mention of the dream.

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