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Wednesday 25 June 2008

Heinz pulls ad for unhealthy Deli Mayo due to ‘gay’ kiss

Heinz has pulled a TV ad which featured a kiss between two men, following 200 complaints from viewers. Some of them complained that it was unsuitable for children. However the ad was banned from being shown in and around kids’ shows anyway because the unhealthy Deli Mayo product is high in fat, salt or sugar, not because of the same sex kiss.

I wasn’t going to write about this because I wonder if pulling the ad was intended all along. Does the controversy merely give this nasty product even more publicity?

But I just saw a comment from a bigot in a newspaper comment section. Some people are looking on this as a ‘victory’. One way or another, Heinz has certainly let down the LGBT community on several different counts: using a ‘gay’ kiss for joke/shock value in a rather lame ad in the first place and emboldening the anti-gay lobby by apparently caving in to (really not much) pressure.

So should we have a boycott of Heinz products as Stonewall has suggested or are we just helping to promote the brand? Would it be better to spread the message far and wide that Heinz Deli Mayo (and other Heinz products) are full of fat, sugar or salt and bad for your health?

I would definitely encourage all bigots to consume unhealthy Heinz products as a thank you. That way they will drop dead much sooner.

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  1. This Heinz Boycott is a Hoax spread by Stonewall to get them sponsorship. search on google for “You’ve Beanz Had”.

    Comment by Stonewall Truth
    Monday 7 July 2008 @ 11:56 pm


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