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BBC VideoTape Department Christmas Tape

In the 1970’s the BBC’s VT department produced an annual tape of out-takes and specially recorded items by the stars of the day. It was intended exclusively for BBC staff at the time. But now, inevitably, a number of them have got out onto YouTube. Warning: strong language! Christmas Eve On BBC One Legs & […]


England seen in leaves

Looking down from the top of our building, one of my neighbours noticed that the leaves had formed the shape of England. He said it was even better than this a few days ago, but Cornwall blew away in the wind.


Bargain Hunters: Big Brother Special

This episode has a Big Brother theme (Channel 4 not Tony Blair via George Orwell). We filmed it on 1st June. Hilariously, considering the theme, during the making of this we were told that filming in Piccadilly Station is no longer allowed as it’s a ‘terror threat’.