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Archives reveal “regular, ranting bigotry about gays” in the pages of the Manchester Evening News

In 1989 the MEN called for an “awful” floral display in Piccadilly Gardens commemorating Stonewall to be “destroyed.” “MEN poisons your mind” states one banner at the protest outside the paper’s HQ on Deansgate. An article in Scene Out magazine, August 1989 issue, with the headline “Evening paper degrades community”, reports on how a floral […]


The LGBT Foundation’s misleading “researchers’ guide” to LGBT history, funded by the Heritage Lottery

Manchester’s LGBT Foundation published its document “Unlocking A Hidden History – A Researchers’ Guide To Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Historical Sources In Manchester”, back in 2013. You can see it here (PDF). It was funded by the Heritage Lottery. Over recent years the Heritage Lottery Fund has given out around a quarter of a […]


Questions over Manchester Pride day tickets being withdrawn

The censors at Manchester Pride have been busy removing valid questions about day tickets from their Facebook page today. I am publishing screengrabs here so that everyone can see exactly what Manchester Pride doesn’t want you to read. I will be doing this regularly. As you can see Manchester Pride’s explanation was completely bogus. Refusing […]


As it happens: people walk into Manchester Pride 2016 without a wristband

People are entering the gay village successfully without a wristband during Manchester Pride 2016 and are reporting back what happens. This follows a ruling by the Local Government Ombudsman in April 2015. The media blackout about the changed situation continues. To their shame, the Manchester Evening News, BBC and the gay media as a whole […]


Manchester Pride misleads again — in its latest accounts

Manchester Pride’s accounts for year ending 2015 state that 43,000 tickets sold that year was the highest number ever. In fact the Community Report issued by Mardi Gras in 1999 states that sales in 1998 were 51,000 and 45,000 in 1999. Pride’s own 2009 accounts state that attendance was “over” 42,000 that year. The accounts […]


Thinking of buying a Manchester Pride 2016 wristband? Some very important information…

The streets of the gay village will be open to everyone during Manchester Pride this year, whether they pay or not, and we think Sackville Park will be too. This is because Manchester Pride has acted unlawfully since 2003 in closing the streets to pedestrians who didn’t pay. In fact, blocking members of the public […]