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Wednesday 5 February 2014

Video and photo content from Get Bent! and other events is safe and sound

DVD of Get Bent video footageSomeone is spreading the rumour that I maliciously “deleted all records of any materials” I had in my possession from the events Get Bent!, Queeruption and Reclaim the Scene. (more…)

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Sunday 28 April 2013

How Google hides free copies of public domain books while directing people to pay-for reprints

Google has been allowed to scan hundreds of thousands of out-of-copyright books from libraries around the world and supposedly this is a wonderful free resource for all of us. But, over the last year or two, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to find the free versions while Google Books presents reprints to buy.

Here’s an example… (more…)

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Thursday 20 October 2011

Web hosting changes – how is it for you?

This website is on shared hosting. For those who don’t know, that means that a number of websites all share one server. It’s cost-effective and works well providing no individual site hogs the resources. (more…)

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Saturday 23 April 2011

Google Video likely to disappear

In the latest example of free hosting services not being forever, Google is planning to close down its Google Video service.

Originally the service was due to close to visitors on April 29th with another two weeks for users to download their videos (until May 13th). Those dates have now been scrapped but it’s obvious the direction this is heading in. So, if you need to, save any videos you have on there while you still can.

When the closure happens, anyone who has linked to any content on Google Video or has embedded videos on their pages will end up with a bunch of links that don’t work or that redirect somewhere else.

Google is wealthy and could easily keep this service running so those pages and videos are online ‘forever’. But it’s a commercial company and primarily concerned about its image and business plan.

If you want a sustainable presence online in the longterm, get proper web hosting, run your own website and link to your content on there. That way, you are in control and really building something for the future.

You won’t be handing over rights in your content or suddenly have the rug pulled from under you at a few weeks notice. How long before Facebook goes the way of MySpace?

Meanwhile, Amazon’s cloud continues to be down for some customers.

Crash 2.0: Amazon battles to restore confidence in cloud computing as web chaos continues into second day Daily Mail.

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Saturday 6 November 2010

Audio cassettes go digital

I’ve been transferring my audio cassettes to digital. It’s a job I put off for a long time, as there are about 250 of them.

Those that date from 1980 onwards are played in my Tascam Porta05 Ministudio — a multitrack cassette recorder that I bought in 1988.

Tapes from the 1970’s are more tricky. (more…)

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Saturday 13 February 2010

Another reason not to trust Google and GMAIL

I have an arab friend from Saudi Arabia. Normally I message him using an email address that is attached to one of my domain names. But this weekend I am moving some domains including this one to different web hosting. So, via my domain registrar, I forwarded this particular email address to a GMAIL account temporarily. (more…)

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Wednesday 4 November 2009

How image thieves can unwittingly provide free ads

If you run a website these days it’s fairly common for people to copy the address of an image file and paste it on a forum or blog.

This is known as ‘hotlinking’ a file and it’s frowned on because it’s theft. The website pays for hosting the image while the forum or blog gets the benefit and of course there is no link back to the hosting website. Not that a link would make the theft of content OK even there was one…

However the people who do this don’t realise to what extent they are playing with fire… (more…)

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