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Tuesday 19 February 2008

Sudden Mother’s Day email barrage

Two days ago it was the fourth anniversary of the death of my mum.

Tonight, four emails within thirty minutes:

Tesco: ‘spoil your Mum this Mother’s Day’

Kodak: ‘remember Mother’s Day’

Asda: ‘treat your Mum this Mother’s day’

Ancestry.co.uk: ‘don’t keep mum about our great family history gifts’

One or two is fine but by the fourth one I began feeling a bit annoyed. Is there some central place sending these out? Mother’s Day isn’t until 2nd March, so it seems a bit of a coincidence these all arriving at the same time. Not a pleasant effect.

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Hacienda apartments

I saw this sad ad in an estate agent’s window on Deansgate. In case you don’t know, the building that was The Hacienda nightclub was completely demolished in 2002. An apartment block was put up on the site and is now marketed as ‘The Hacienda’.


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Friday 8 February 2008

Labour councillor gets down with the kids

Local labour councillor embarrasses himself and others

I spotted this in the local Labour propaganda sheet. Note the two guys at far left and right of the picture who can hardly believe the embarrassing spectacle. Also the one front right who takes emergency action to avoid being identifiable in such a tacky photo opportunity.

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Sunday 14 October 2007

12% of Manchester Pride income went to good causes in 2007

Apparently this info appears on some LGF posters around the village at the moment. A friend has grabbed one for archive use, though I haven’t seen a copy of the poster myself yet.

Financial overview:


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Wednesday 27 June 2007

Community groups outraged by increase in Manchester Pride 2007 stall charges

LGBT community groups and HIV organisations that want to have a stall at the ‘Lifestyle Expo’ at this year’s Manchester Pride have been told they will have to pay £50 for the priviledge plus £30 for electricity.


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Tuesday 12 June 2007

The Manchester Pride 2007 website

The website for Manchester Pride 2007 is up.

In the past year, the Charity Commission has told Operation Fundraiser and Manchester Pride that they must be more open with the public about where money goes and how they account for the income.


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Sunday 29 April 2007

Bye bye Operation Fundraiser

The Manchester Pride website reports that Operation Fundraiser will be ‘will be hanging up its buckets’ this year.


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