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Don’t believe the hype about lesbians and gay men. Some things aren’t better now and we weren’t all miserable and oppressed in the past.

Just because something was illegal and two men had a kiss in a photo booth in 1953 doesn’t mean they were a “closeted gay couple”. Read the article and you’ll discover that it undermines the headline. One of the men, Joseph John Bertrund Belanger, was “a member of the Mattachine Society – an early instance […]


Archives reveal “regular, ranting bigotry about gays” in the pages of the Manchester Evening News

In 1989 the MEN called for an “awful” floral display in Piccadilly Gardens commemorating Stonewall to be “destroyed.” Scene Out, August 1989. An article in Scene Out magazine, August 1989 issue, with the headline “Evening paper degrades community”, reports on how a floral tribute in Piccadilly Gardens to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Stonewall […]

Conditional server side includes and cookies

I can’t write PHP or Javascript. I could learn, but I don’t have much interest. Most of my websites are good old-fashioned static HTML and I use server-side-includes a lot. I thought I would write, in simple terms, about some of ways I’ve used them.