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Tuesday 12 October 2010

Enhancing the Windows file dialog

If you’re opening files from one location and then saving them somewhere else on your drive, Windows makes you browse to the new destination each time. It’s annoying and can end up being a huge waste of time if you have lots of files to work on.

Luckily there are several utilities that can enhance the standard Windows file dialog.

Traditionally, File-Ex (for $19.95) was one of the best. It adds lists of favourite and recently used locations to the bottom of the file window. But sadly it doesn’t work with Vista and there’s no sign it will be updated to do so.

FileBox Extender, which is free, adds some extra buttons to the title bar at the top of the open and save windows, giving a selection of favourite and last-used locations. These are remembered automatically and you can configure favourites yourself.

Two other buttons let you roll up a window to just the title bar — which is handy if you want a quick look at something behind — and another ‘pins’ the window so it’s always on top. Also FileBox Extender can be set to open the dialogs at a much larger size than standard.

Folder Guide is more basic, but still very useful. It appears in the menu when you right-click in the open or save window and you can choose from a list of destinations which you have set yourself.

I use FileBox Extender and Folder Guide and there seem to be no problems running both.

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Wednesday 12 November 2008

Flowplayer version 3 loses the plot

For a while I’ve been using a nice free Flash web player on my site: Flowplayer. With a bit of fairly simple HTML code, magical things could happen.


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Monday 8 September 2008

A serious privacy-related bug in Facebook

How about this?

I log out of my main Facebook profile and create a new silly profile for a laugh. I click in the email they send me to confirm and immediately there is a message in the new profile saying that David (one of my existing friends on the main profile) has added me as a friend. I confirm his request.

Except that he never did. How could he add the silly profile as a friend when I had only just created the profile a minute earlier and he knew nothing about it?

So, full access to David’s profile when he never actually added me as a friend. Meanwhile David had disappeared as a friend on the main profile but reappeared later.

I message David from the silly profile and he replies ‘who the *@#! are you — I never added you!’.

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Tuesday 1 April 2008

EditStudio Pro 6 video editing software

This software is impressive and only costs $89 (£44).


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Wednesday 6 February 2008

Blag Linux

I would dearly love not to have to use Windows and absolutely dread the day when I may have to use Vista. For a long time now I’ve had my eye on Linux, trying different distros now and again. The most promising of these has always been Blag from the Brixton Linux Action Group.

I tried the latest version recently and the few niggles I had previously have all have been ironed out. I can honestly say that if I used my PC for writing letters and running my business, surfing and chatting, watching videos and listening to music, there’s absolutely no doubt I’d be on Blag right now and saying goodbye to Microsoft.

The sad fact is that Linux has nothing to match Vegas Video for video editing and Dreamweaver for web development. Two tools I simply can’t do without.

I know some Linux enthusiasts will point to NVU for HTML and CineLerra for video, but I’ve looked at those and they simply aren’t up to the job for one reason or another.

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Tuesday 12 June 2007

Safari for Windows

Safari is the web browser for Mac users and Apple just brought out a version for Windows.

As I remember the horribly invasive player that is Apple Quicktime for Windows, I was in two minds about whether to try Safari. But I did…

Well it’s a piece of junk so far. When I start it, the top menus have white text on a white background, so I can’t see or do anything.

OK so it’s a beta. It may be fixed next time. Maybe it’s some quirk of my system. But I can’t remember the last time I tried beta software and it presented me with a bug as stupid as this one.

So safari has been uninstalled. I’ll stick with Opera and Firefox.

Other reviews say it seems like a ‘rushed if not a botched’ job.

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Wednesday 7 February 2007

Free painting software

I’ve been looking at some free painting programs. In particular I wanted something that had realistic natural-painting tools (oil, watercolour, crayon, pencil, airbrush, pastels) to use with my graphics tablet.


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