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Conditional server side includes and cookies

I can't write PHP or Javascript. I could learn, but I don't have much interest. Most of my websites are good old-fashioned static HTML and I use server-side-includes a lot. I thought I would write, in simple terms, about some of ways I've used them.


Vaughn Lowery ad (video)

Famous across America for being the KMart Joe Boxer underwear guy, now Vaughn Lowery has done a great ad for the Houston Chronicle. More KMart/Joe Boxer ads featuring Vaughn here and here. How long before we see this talented guy on British TV?

Tony Blair appears on Big Brother

A Rory Bremner sketch on YouTube. Davina: You’ve been in there a long time. Blair: Ten years, yeah. Davina: So have you any idea what’s been going on in the outside world?