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The Manchester Day Manchester Day parade 2010Parade 2010

The first-ever Manchester Day Parade through the city centre took place on a hot and sunny Sunday afternoon in June 2010.

It was a great success and delighted the crowds. It was clear that a huge amount of time and effort had been put in by all concerned.

As usual in Manchester these days the size of the crowd has been grossly exaggerated: 75,000 people according to the BBC and Manchester Evening News with Councillor Pat Karney proclaiming it as the 'best ever' parade in Manchester and 'a world-beater up there with New York, Sydney and Rio'.

But a bit of basic maths, common sense, and a look at the pictures if you weren't there, show this can't possibly be true, as the parade route was only 2,850 yards long. So I estimate between 10,000 and 15,000 people were actually on the streets watching.

In other words, quite a long way to go before it rivals Rio but lots of fun and an excellent start.

Duration: 6 mins 12 secs

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