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Liberation 91

Vintage footage from 13th April 1991, when Manchester's LGBT community and supporters marched through the city centre in protest about inequality.

Quite a shock for the general public in those days as you can see from from some of the reactions.

According to a news item in 'All Points North' before the event, people assembled at Whitworth Park at 12.00 and the march began at 13.00. The route was along Oxford Road, right into Whitworth Street and then left up Sackville Street. That is where the video first picks it up.

Duration: 4 mins 12 secs

Update: Feb 2021 - late last year I was able to find and buy a Hi8 camcorder. New digital transfers have now been made of around 50 hours of tape. These transfers are high quality (uncompressed) and some technical issues have been resolved. A great improvement on the existing files which were made 15 years ago.

Liberation 91 is included, along with The Walk For Life 1991, Soho Pink Weekend 1994, London Pride 1995, Section 28 rally 2000 in Manchester and much more.

If you would like to support this ongoing work, a donation button is below the video and you will get to see these in due course.

Various corporate gay organisations in Manchester have received hundreds of thousands of pounds of public (Lottery) money for history projects in recent years but there is very little to show for it. None of this funding ever seems to reach individual creative people who did the work and spent money decades ago so our history could be recorded and who continue to do so.

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Technical details: Minolta 81E Video 8 camcorder, edited with Sony Vegas Video 5.


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