A humorous mishap!

A friend had to make a dash for home. Throwing our shopping plans into total confusion.


I went to the doctors. About six weeks ago I spotted a large lump to the side of my big toe. I was concerned it was a bunion. Anyway, it turns out it is just a bursa — a sac of fluid probably caused by my shoe rubbing — and it will probably clear up by itself.

I’m noticing a lot of aches and pains this winter, especially since the weather turned really cold over the past month. My knees don’t seem to have the same bounce that they used to.

I hate the cold, damp British winters and getting older too. Then again, even my Ghanian friend ‘K’ is suffering pains in his feet and he’s fifteen years my junior.

There’s nothing else for it… I’m just going to have to move to a warmer climate. Send your donations!


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