Google Video likely to disappear

In the latest example of free hosting services not being forever, Google is planning to close down its Google Video service. Originally the service was due to close to visitors on April 29th with another two weeks for users to download their videos (until May 13th). Those dates have now been scrapped but it’s obvious Google Video likely to disappear

John Pilger on Obama and Empire

John Pilger – Obama and Empire John Pilger speaks at Socialism 2009 in San Francisco. On Tuesday 14 December, ITV1 will broadcast John Pilger’s latest film ‘The War You Don’t See’ at 10.35pm.

Making MP4 files stream

Mp4/H.264 files give great quality for online video in web players such as the free Flowplayer. But they must ‘stream’. In other words they need to start playing before the whole file has loaded (which may take several minutes).