Survivors remember the Manchester Blitz 70 years on

“Seventy years ago, Manchester endured its own Blitz – two nights of bombing by Hitler’s Luftwaffe which left 684 civilians dead, 2,364 wounded and swathes of the city centre in ruins.” Manchester Evening News

War comes home to Britain

In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger describes the basic freedoms being lost in Britain as the ‘national security state’, imported from the United States by New Labour, takes effect.

Dust from depleted uranium weapons causes a cancer epidemic in southern Iraq

‘…consider the devastation of Iraq’s health, once the best in the Middle East, by the ubiquitous dust from British and US depleted uranium weapons. A World Health Organisation study reporting a cancer epidemic has been suppressed, says its principal author. This has been reported in Britain only in the Glasgow Sunday Herald and the Morning Dust from depleted uranium weapons causes a cancer epidemic in southern Iraq

The true cost of the war in Iraq

‘In 2005, a Nobel prize-winning economist began the painstaking process of calculating the true cost of the Iraq war. In his new book, he reveals how short-sighted budget decisions, cover-ups and a war fought in bad faith will affect us all for decades to come.’ Read more at The Guardian.

Safari for Windows

Safari is the web browser for Mac users and Apple just brought out a version for Windows. As I remember the horribly invasive player that is Apple Quicktime for Windows, I was in two minds about whether to try Safari. But I did… Well it’s a piece of junk so far. When I start it, Safari for Windows