20 years after the first broadcast – exclusive photos of Queer As Folk on location on Canal Street

It’s 20 years since the broadcast of the first episode of Queer As Folk on Channel 4. I shot these photographs later that year as the crew filmed the final episode of the second series on Canal Street in Manchester.

As they did,the weather changed and there was a tremendous rain shower.

Queer As Folk series 2 on location on Canal Street, Manchester in 1999Queer As Folk series 2 on location on Canal Street, Manchester in 1999Queer As Folk series 2 on location on Canal Street, Manchester in 1999Queer As Folk series 2 on location on Canal Street, Manchester in 1999

On location on Canal Street, Autumn 1999.

I worked as an extra on another episode which was fun. I haven’t seen any other location shots over the last two decades, so I may have the only ones. Thanks to LGBTv of Manchester which paid to include one of these in a recent video.

Sorry about the large watermarks but light-fingered people will not leave photographs alone these days and unfortunately that leads to this. Since the beginning of the year I’ve had to go after two broadcasters, two newspapers, two websites, Twitter and Facebook.

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MP for Brighton misleads TV viewers about the PrEP Impact Trial in England

Last month Lloyd Russell-Moyle, the Labour Member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptown, appeared on the ITV show “Lorraine.” During the interview he stated that the NHS PrEP Impact Trial was “now full” in England. That was completely untrue.

The PrEP Impact Trial website

I’m uncertain of the exact day of the interview but ITV published it on their YouTube page on 16 January 2019. You can hear Mr Russell-Moyle say it in the video at 4 mins 35 secs. (more…)


Is a pressure cooker a worthwhile buy?

A couple of years ago I bought a pressure cooker. I got it direct from the manufacturers Prestige (I have no connection with them) and opted for the 6 litre high dome model. Currently that’s on offer from them for £45 and, barring a really exceptional special offer somewhere, I doubt you’ll find it for much less.

Prestige 6L high dome pressure cooker

Seen here on my classic 1970s Creda Carefree cooker.

This was a bit of step into the unknown for me as I didn’t grow up in a pressure-cooker-using family, In fact growing up in the north-east I can’t remember ever seeing one. Were they perceived as being a bit middle-class and southern?

So they remained mysterious hissing things. A bit frightening, perhaps even dangerous? There were those rumours of food on ceilings… (more…)


Is The Guardian now an enemy of democracy and truth in the UK, funded by foreigners?

Campaigning about Manchester Pride has opened my eyes when it comes to the mainstream media. Particularly since the ruling by the Local Government Ombudsman in 2015 about wristbands and the discovery of minutes of a meeting that was held in 2002 (visit FactsMCR.com for full details).

Since 2015, the mainstream and LGBT media have refused to print one word about what seems to have been a conspiracy at a high level to obtain money from the public by deception. Probably hundreds of thousands of pounds was paid needlessly. The City Council, police, registered charities, the tourist board and some gay village businesses were involved.

This contrasts with the attitude until 2014 when the media were happy to report protests in the run-up to the event. About fundraising and lack of inclusion. Campaigners came to the conclusion that this was seen as some edgy “icing on the cake” for Manchester Pride. A bit of activism and protest surrounding a stale weekend that lacked any itself.

Perhaps some thought we were plucky losers who would never get anywhere? So it was nice and safe… Until the Department For Transport put pen to paper in reply to us in 2014 and the Local Government Ombudsman ruled the following year. (more…)


The hypocrisy of George House Trust

I’ll begin by saying that I was one of the people who bought “a brick for George House Trust” (GHT) 30 years ago and I still have the pin-on badge.

But that’s a long time ago and like so many parts of LGBT Manchester GHT now seems to be rotten and riddled with hypocrisy.

Currently there’s a media storm going on involving the venue Bar Pop which itself doesn’t deserve to have its name blackened. John, who runs it, is a decent man based on everything I’ve seen.

Now George House Trust has piped up in a statement on Facebook:



Leaving Manchester. Discussing Legends, power, Gay Village and a hurt city

A video from Manchester Shield which really sums up Manchester currently. The corruption, drab inappropriate development and poor-quality shifty politicians.

The only part I perhaps disagree with is that the gay village can be saved. I don’t think so. Since the 1990s it has been a marketing scam designed to enclose and exploit us. Far better to consign it to history and have gay businesses spread across the city, the way things used to be.