In 1970, Britain was suffering power cuts across the country, caused by industrial action. The days and times of the cuts varied each week. I remember having to do my homework by candlelight.

One of my favourite TV shows was Timeslip — a science fiction drama about two children who found they could travel in time. Each story was in six or even eight-weekly episodes and was absolutely unmissable for me.

One adventure called The Time of the Ice Box, reached its fourth episode. It was set in the future and ended as a female character in a silver space suit began to age rapidly because something had gone wrong with the anti-ageing pill she had taken.

Well, you’ve guessed it, the following Thursday, as the next episode approached, there was a power cut and I missed it.

The crazy thing is, for thirty-six years, I have wondered how that story ended.

In the intervening period, ATV lost almost all of the colour videotapes, so most episodes now only exist on black and white film. Though I should point out we only had a black and white TV in those days anyway.

A few years ago, the series was released on video. But it was pretty expensive and I couldn’t justify the cost of buying it at the time.

But, some day, I would really like to find out…

There’s a website about the series here. With an episode guide. Hmmm should I take a peek or not?


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