Print journalists learn to use video

The Guardian looks at how print journalists are beginning to use video and asks whether web video could mean a new ‘golden age’ for newspapers.

Michael Rosenblum, a former New York Times executive who now provides training in video journalism, says:

‘We have found that it works best when we equip print journalists with video cameras and have them use those cameras as a kind of digital notebook, so that they can record interviews and impressions in video. Those impressions and interviews can then be woven into a text, audio and graphical presentation online.’

The article points out that some newspaper photographers have begun shooting solely on high definition video. Stills can be grabbed from this footage and are good enough to use in print.

I think that last part is a bit of hype really. ‘Good enough’ to use for small images, certainly. But a 1440 x 1080 pixels frame grab from HD video, printed at 300 dots per inch (DPI), is only 4.8 inches wide on the page. Or 7.2 inches wide at 200 dots per inch. Not much scope there for cropping or if you decide you would like to use the image across the front page.

However, digital still cameras that can shoot 10Mp images at 25 frames per second are on the horizon and these will definitely change the world of editorial photography and video.


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