‘Devastating global warming can be avoided’ — but it depends on your definition of ‘devastating’

The Guardian writes that devastating global warming can be avoided without excessive economic cost but only if we act now and limit the temperature increase to 2C.

But then it adds: ‘even the aimed-for level of a 2C increase could mean up to 2 billion people facing water shortages by 2050 and could threaten extinction for 20% to 30% of the world’s species’.

If 2 billion people facing water shortages and the loss of 20% to 30% of species isn’t ‘devastating’, I wonder what is?

Or maybe we should do more and face up to there being an ‘economic cost’, so we don’t face consequences as severe as these?

Meanwhile The Independent reports that Britain’s butterflies are hatching up to two months early.

I believe all the signs are that temperatures here in Britain are rising much faster than anyone predicted. Last month was the warmest April in the UK since records began almost 350 years ago (in 1659).

Nasturtiums on my 8th floor balcony, survived the whole winter outdoors. They had a big infestation of greenfly in the third week of March and then started flowering in April.

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