Christian group criticised by ad watchdog

A scaremongering poster from an extremist Christian organisation has been criticised by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The Christian Congress for Traditional Values (CCTV) was told it has an outdated view of what constitutes a family in modern Britain.

The ad showed a man, woman, boy and girl with the statement ‘Gay aim: abolish the family’. The organisation defended its poster on the grounds that manifesto documents from gay groups in the 1970s described the traditional family unit as working against homosexuality.

However the ASA said that a modern family was increasingly less likely to include a married man, woman and their children. The watchdog decided that the advertisement breached advertising rules on social responsibility, decency, matters of opinion and truthfulness and could be inflammatory, causing offence ‘both to the mainstream gay community and supporters of equality’.

The CCTV was instructed to make sure future campaigns would not be offensive.

Quite bizarre because, if you take the narrow definition of a family that these people ascribe to, it’s heterosexuals who are ‘abolishing’ the family, by not getting married, splitting up and getting divorced. But, instead of preaching to those individuals, it’s easier to pick on a scapegoat in the form of gay people.

No doubt events in America are an inspiration to these ‘Christians’. Fortunately Britain is different and their poisonous seeds fall on stoney ground here.

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