Flowplayer version 3 loses the plot

For a while I’ve been using a nice free Flash web player on my site: Flowplayer. With a bit of fairly simple HTML code, magical things could happen.

Today I went to check if there was a new version. Sure enough, version 3 is out. But it seems that the easy HTML configuration is history. Now you need to be something of a Javascript expert to get anything working. I’m hardly a beginner, I’ve been making web pages for more than ten years, but I can’t figure out how to do anything with this.

Why does this always happen? Many people just want a basic player that is easy to install and configure. They don’t want to spend a week learning Javascript.


  • Anssi says:

    Note that the HTML configuration is not history. You can still use the same old embedding options that were available in Flowplayer 2: http://flowplayer.org/documentation/install-alternate.html

  • ipi says:

    weird post. I really see no point on your opinnion. flowplayer 3 is simply awesome and for me it was ridiculously easy to install. what really happened to you?

  • gary says:

    The existing v2 HTML configuration code doesn’t seem to work with v3.

    ipi: could you show the web page where you personally have it working? Perhaps you would like to share how to do it beyond the most basic installation, which I agree is easy?

    For instance could you let me have the (HTML not javascript) code for playlists and players with thumbnails as I have working on my site right here with version 2? Because I can’t figure it out from the documentation on the Flowplayer site and my existing v2 code doesn’t work with v3.

    Or maybe you’re just using the basic player with a few lines of code and a single video and that’s why you think it’s ‘easy’ and ‘awesome’? What’s your background? Do you have a degree in computer programming by any chance? ;)

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