Fireworks on the final night of Manchester Pride 2011 (video)

Video of the fireworks display on the last night of Manchester Pride 2011

Traditionally, on the final day of Manchester Pride, there’s a display of fireworks after the HIV Vigil in Sackville Park.

This video was filmed from the top of a tall building to the south. This year I got ambitious and used two cameras!

Please be warned that this contains even more flashes than usual.

Here’s my video of last year’s display.



  • Annie Wallace says:

    It’s only become a “tradition” since 2003 when George House Trust took over the vigil. Prior to that, the vigil ended with noise to mark the end of the minute’s silence, some music and quiet reflection.
    Why a charity needs to blow hundreds of pounds on fireworks is beyond me.

  • GS says:

    There were fireworks at the end of the Monday night after the speeches in 1991 (I don’t think there was a Vigil) and those were funded by the Central Manchester Development Corporation. The BBC Programme Made In Manchester shows fireworks after the Vigil at Mardi Gras 1998. There were also fireworks in 1999. Those are the years I know of.


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