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Sudden Mother’s Day email barrage

Two days ago it was the fourth anniversary of the death of my mum. Tonight, four emails within thirty minutes: Tesco: ‘spoil your Mum this Mother’s Day’ Kodak: ‘remember Mother’s Day’ Asda: ‘treat your Mum this Mother’s day’ ‘don’t keep mum about our great family history gifts’ One or two is fine but by […]


Busy busy

Not much time to do anything on here at the moment due to lots of new work in motion pictures! I think some of the video files on the site are missing after I changed servers, but don’t have the time to go through and check everything.


Tony Blair appears on Big Brother

A Rory Bremner sketch on YouTube. Davina: You’ve been in there a long time. Blair: Ten years, yeah. Davina: So have you any idea what’s been going on in the outside world?


Kentucky Fried Cruelty (video)

Pamela Anderson introduces this shocking video. Some chickens raised for Kentucky Fried Chicken face cruelty from birth to painful death. More info here. Contains upsetting scenes. The Sunday Mirror wrote this article about the hideous conditions in Britain. A growing number of people are boycotting chains such as KFC until they improve animal welfare.