• Amazing quality. What I can’t believe is it’s only 20mb. GREAT job compressing. I’m guessing this isn’t blip’s compression but the file as you uploaded it.

    What camera are you using? Must be one hell of a camera.

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  • gary says:


    It’s a Sony HDR-HC7 using the HDV format.

    The H.264 codec seems to offer the the best compression when making clips, currently. I can’t remember whether I used H.264 or DivX on that file.

    I edit the video in Sony Vegas. Make the web-size clip using lossless compression with the (free) HuffyUV codec. Then I load that into Super (free) where I make the final clip compressed with H.264 or DivX. Sometimes I smooth things out a bit using a filter in VirtualDub (free), which helps the compression.

    Later today I’m off to shoot the Pride parade in high definition! So those clips will be up here soon. Should be interesting to see how HDV copes with all that movement.

    Yes Blip provides the file that I upload. It’s a good service but, unfortunately, when their system makes the Flash video clips it reduces the frame rate to 15fps. Which doesn’t work well from a PAL 25fps original. Though I’ve been told it’s possible to upload your own Flash clip instead.


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