Manchester Pride 2008: increased ticket prices revealed

More ticket prices prices have been announced for Manchester Pride 2008. Note that in many cases tickets are ‘subject to a booking and transaction fee’ (see below).


Two weeks ago I noted that cheaper ‘early bird’ tickets cost 25% more this year: £12.50 compared to £10 last year. Early bird tickets are only available until 14 July 2008.

In 2005, early bird tickets were available until 22 August (four days before the event started) when they increased in price to £15. However, in 2006, the window for buying a cheap ticket was greatly reduced. In 2006 tickets cost £15 from 17 July (six weeks before Pride began).

This was effectively a stealth price increase for many people who were used to buying their ticket nearer the date. This practice continued last year and does so in 2008.


From 14 July 2008 you will pay £17.50 — 50p less than last year’s price of £18. However, the real shocker is that, if you buy after 22 August, you will pay £22.50.

This is the only ticket that doesn’t have a booking fee (as it’s available from the box office only), but still represents a 20% price increase on last year’s late ticket price of £18.

Whichever way you buy a one day ticket it will cost £13, including any fees.


The website states:

‘All tickets are subject to a booking fee – £1 for a day ticket or £1.45 for weekend passes plus a transaction fee of £2 for online and telephone sales; just £1 if buying in person from a store or venue.’

I think this means £1 booking fee and no transaction fee if buying in person?

With the current economic situation, it will be interesting to see how many people think a ticket for Manchester Pride 2008 is something they can live without.


Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans History Month has criticised the high cost of tickets for Manchester Pride in its latest news bulletin (no.49).

Calling it ‘The Big Manchester Rip-off’ they write:

‘When Manchester has no punters left, the good burghers might see fit to charge nothing, just like everywhere else in the country.’

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans History Month website is visted by about 250,000 people each month.


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