How ASDA prevents customers from making price comparisons

Sunrise Bakery Jamaican fruit buns in the Hulme branch of ASDA: one large, one small.

On the shelf label the total weight of the small bun is given, the cost per 100g, and of course the price. But for the large bun, only the price and size: ‘large’.

ASDA price comparison on Sunrise fruit bun

See how often you spot this happening on the shelves of our supermarkets.

The larger bun weighs 730g, which works out at 21.6p per 100g, and the ASDA online grocery service lists this information. So, in this case, the larger item is better value. But that isn’t always true.

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  • tankgirl says:

    I’ve noticed how Tesco sell their french baguettes by weight rather than price so the 69p in large letters you first see on the basket, and think is the actual price really means 69p per 100 grams!!
    The strange thing is when I went through all the baguettes… they ALL cost 99p…It’s hard to believe that they were all the exact same weight ?? and if they were, why not just put the price on the front basket as 99p?
    crooks !

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