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Did I miss something? When did it become OK to copy and paste an entire article and photo onto a blog?

Here’s the original article about the Carry On films on the BBC website and here’s the pirate version on — a site that charges a subscription — and without so much as a credit for the BBC site.

No doubt the BBC can take a hit like this. But how on earth are smaller content producers ever going to earn a living with such blatant theft going on?


  • What a shame Gary didn’t tell me about our infringement of copyright. It is a simple matter, and polite, to acknowlege all sources, and contributors, and this we try to do.
    I will, of course, issue instructions to credit the BBC, and offer my apologies for this oversight.

    Jophn Tunstill

  • gary says:

    I’m just interested in the way some bloggers and sites take whatever content they like and don’t pay for it. I’m confused because it seems that you posted the article in the first place. So how could you not know about the infringement of copyright?

    You realise that giving a credit does not entitle you to lift an entire article and republish it? I assume you don’t have the permission of the BBC or the original author?

    Also, the photo you have published has a credit for Rex Features on it. Do you have permission from Rex Features to use that image?

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