Why I won’t support the ‘no cuts’ protests

Depending on who you believe, and what is included, the UK national debt is somewhere between £800 billion and £4.8 trillion (which is £4,800 billion). The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates that the total debt, excluding bank bail-outs, is £816bn. But this figure doesn’t include the state’s pension liabilities, in a contravention of standard Why I won’t support the ‘no cuts’ protests

The other Pat Karney

Pat Karney is the Director of the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati. Mr Karney is also a member of the Association of Metropolitan Sewerage Agencies and spokesman for them. He should not be confused with our beloved Manchester Labour councillor of the same name.

Labour councillor gets down with the kids

I spotted this in the local Labour propaganda sheet. Note the two guys at far left and right of the picture who can hardly believe the embarrassing spectacle. Also the one front right who takes emergency action to avoid being identifiable in such a tacky photo opportunity.

Manchester and slavery

Manchester’s wealth was founded on the cotton industry and dependent on slave-grown cotton. But the city was also at the centre of the anti-slavery movement.