What people are asking this week (no. 789): The LGF

Why doesn’t the name of the LGF (or ‘Lesbian and Gay F**kwits’ as the poppets are known locally) include bisexual or transgender? Who could be dropped next? Lesbians perhaps?

So would I be right in thinking that this organisation is only for those people who have never had an experience with a member of the ‘opposite’ sex?

And I’m confused… I’ve never had sex with a woman, but I might do. At what point do I stop being ‘gay’ and become ‘bisexual’? How many times do I have to ‘do it’?

I mean, I might decide it’s not for me and it seems unfair to lose my privileged status as a gay man due to a single error of judgement. A moment of madness

What if I’m still not sure whether I like it after the first time? Can I ‘do it’ with a woman more than once and still be ‘gay’? What if it is was once a year or once a month?

Lord what about pre and post-op male-to-female transexuals? I guess if we had sex the day before the op, I would still be gay. But doing it after the op could mean I was a ‘greedy’ bi?

I’m very concerned that I may end up in the wrong pigeonhole, not knowing which lifestyle to consume.


It’s a funny old world isn’t it? I think it’s likely that in the past, going right back to when I was at school, I was discriminated against by people who thought I was either mixed-race or Jewish.

As far as I know I’m neither, unless it’s something prior to 1830. But many times, in the past, things seemed to happen to me. Or maybe it was just that they thought I was gay? It’s terrible not being sure why people hate you!

Over the years I’ve had too many comments to count: ‘are you a bit foreign?’, ‘you’re not English, are you?’. Two weeks ago a black man I was chatting to decided maybe he didn’t want to meet me after he saw my photo. Solely because he thought I was ‘half caste’ and not white and he only dates white men.

I suppose now I know how effeminate heterosexual men feel.

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