A Freedom of Information request reveals how much Manchester City Council gives to, and charges, Manchester Pride

A FOI shows sponsorship from Manchester City Council

You can see full details of the FOI request here.

As you can see, even if we ignore the thousands of pounds that are charged for removal of rubbish, in four out of the last six years the City Council has clawed back in charges more than it gave the event.

It gives with one hand and gets the kudos for supporting the LGBT community, while taking with the other.

The City Council gave more than £2m towards the running costs of Manchester’s International Festival in 2007. The Festival was expected to bring in £32m of extra business to the city, while we’re told Pride brings in £22m of extra business some years.

And about £250,000 given for the Manchester Day Parade in 2011 (BBC).


  • I conducted an adhoc survey at the ‘heart’ of Manchester’s gay community in the Village on New Year’s Eve regarding this FOI disclosure from Mank City Council.

    The responses ranged from ‘bleurgh’ from under-age drinkers projectile vomiting outside baa-bar, to ‘whats dat mean?’ from various hen parties out-crowding teh gayz from Crunch bar.

    Clearly the queer community all over Greater Manchester is being sold short by Mank Council and sold out by the pink pound profiteers, but the real question is sadly who cares amidst so much apathy and addiction on the scene?

    The amount of violence, hate crime and drug dealing on the scene is sad too.

    Interesting to find out how the recession will affect Mank Pride funding in 2011 and the ability of LGBTQetc community members paying £25+ for tickets to access their own Pride event – maybe Manchester Airport could pick up the tab considering the fact this community event is no more than a cynical marketing exercise to attract wealthy tourists to ‘friendly cool gay Manchester’.

    I was going to refer to LGF magazine article but I couldn’t get thru all the glossy pages without gagging and vomiting after a friend who is LGBT asylum seeker was refused any support/advice/assistance from the LGF.

  • Karl says:

    “It gives with one hand and gets the kudos for supporting the LGBT community, while taking with the other.” as do the businesses who ramp up drinks prices and door fees yet pay out absolutely nothing for the event.

    It’s not a public event, it’s a revenue generating scheme for a small group of companies who are bedfellows with the LGF.

    Manchester Pride is the only pride in Britain that charges the public to attend.

    I don’t mean to make you sound hypocritical but if people knew the truth about Manchester Pride they’d resent handing over cash for an event think is purely for charity and awareness.

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