World Naked Bike Ride 2010: Manchester (video)

Last night was the fifth annual Naked Bike Ride around Manchester city centre. A video is coming with footage of the ride plus interviews with the cyclists and spectators. Please call back soon to see it. Until then I’ll tease you with a selection of reaction shots! My video from 2008 can be found here.

Pothole hazard for cyclists

Oxford Road in Manchester is reputed to be the busiest bus route in Europe. Since the severe winter, the surface of the road has cracked open into a large number of potholes as never before.

Cycling hazard: MA52 EHY

Parked at a junction, on double yellow lines, in a bus lane and blocking a cycle path, on Wilmslow Road next to the Contact Theatre, at 7.30pm last night (Friday 1 August). The driver was nowhere to be seen and the passenger was reading a celebrity magazine with an article about Britney Spears. In my Cycling hazard: MA52 EHY